Assistant Professor of Climate Science at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

My research has two main goals: (1) improving our understanding of the large-scale circulation of Earth’s atmosphere, and (2) studying the climate system holistically in order to better predict how it will respond to increased CO2 concentrations. I am also interested in climate issues more broadly, including climate model development and evaluation, ocean heat uptake and climate variability on all time-scales. One theme in my work is an emphasis on using idealized models to capture key features of more complex systems, with the goal of connecting results from these idealized models to observations and comprehensive climate models.

Outside of my primary research, I enjoy working on projects at the intersection of art and climate science. This includes taking part in an Exchange with artist Michael Wang for Art in America, working on the Emerald Tutu project and collaborating with the sl Collective architecture firm.

Recently Accepted/Submitted Manuscripts: