Short codes I have developed as part of my research. Please let me know if you decide to use one or have any questions.

Binning Data by ω500 Velocities

Function to bin data by ω500 velocities, as done by Bony et al. (2004) and many others.

Multi-Taper Spectral Analysis

This script includes functions to compute the power spectrum of a signal and to perform a coherence analysis of two time-series using the multi-taper method. These are basically just Python versions of the Matlab functions available from Peter Huybers' website. Requires the spectrum Python module.

Eddy Flux Co-Spectra

Function for calculating eddy flux co-spectra, following method of Hayashi (1971) (see also Randel and Held (1991)). Includes functions to calculate space-time cross-spectra and phase-speed cross-spectrum.

"1-Dimensional" 2-layer QG Model

Stand-alone Python script for a "1-dimensional" 2-layer quasi-geostrophic model described in Panetta and Held (1988). The model is truncated in wavenumber space to retain only the zonal-mean flow and one non-zero zonal wavenumber (the default set-up retains the most unstable wave) and can be quickly run on a laptop. Non-linear terms are de-aliased using the Orszag (1971) "two-thirds" rule. The domain is doubly-periodic and the model is forced by an unstable meridional temperature gradient and by lower-layer Ekman friction. Note that all variables are non-dimensionalized.

Hovmuller diagram
Hovmuller diagram of the upper layer streamfunction from a simulation with the model.