David Vishny – graduate student

David is a first year graduate student, interested in climate feedbacks related to clouds and air-sea fluxes. He is currently researching the effects of clouds on mid-latitude jet streams.


Pengcheng Zhang – graduate student

Pengcheng is a first year graduate student, interested in the large-scale dynamics of Earth's atmosphere, including coastal low-level jets and tropospheric superrotation.


Momme Hell – postdoc

Momme is a postdoc working on atmospheric eddy momentum fluxes and their connection to surface waves, as well as new theories of blocking.


Nicole Neumann – undergraduate researcher

Nicole is an undergraduate physics major at the Minnesota State University of Mankato. She is interested in how continental geometry influences temperature variability.


Tom Beucler – visiting research scientist

Tom is a project scientist at UC-irvine with a wide range of interests in atmospheric science, machine learning and environmental data science.


Kylie Kinne -- UCLA (SURF intern, summer 2020).